Being an elite and the first high-performance sports fitness centre in the country, our vision is to support every athlete and sportsperson to give their best performances while maintaining a high level of fitness.

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Our Services

Our Services

At Sports Dynamix, you get the best training programs, sport expert mentors and state of the art equipment that will ensure you reach your desired fitness goals.
Fitness testing

Every sportsperson is put through a fitness testing protocol according to the sport and skill. This is regularly updated to assess the progress in their fitness levels and also to infer the individual’s strengths and weaknesses in their fitness capacity.

Sports Conditioning Special

Sportspersons are required to be at a peak level of fitness to excel in their respective sport. Our specialized training programs and cutting-edge equipment are designed to enhance an individual's strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, speed, agility, power and other fitness components as required, which can be carried over into their sport effectively.

Physiological Assessment

Our physiotherapists carry out musculo-skeletal assessment, FMS, star excursion, range of movement assessment, posture assessment, anthropometry assessment and other tests deemed fit to each and every sportsperson. The assessments are constantly updated in tandem with international norms. The physiological assessment helps us identify past, present and future injuries to the sportsperson. It is important for designing a highly effective and specific training module for each sportsperson.

Prehab & Rehab

Each sportsperson has been devised individual programs either in Prehab or Rehab for injury prevention and cure. Prehab reduces the risk of sport sustained injuries. Our prehab programs are sport-specific and tailor-made for each individual. We ensure that an injured athlete/sportsperson returns to a maximum capacity of function in their sport. Our rehabilitation programs are customized according to sport, injury, and the individual.

Nutrition Assessment

Individualized Nutrition Assessment is drawn up according to the sport and taking into consideration various other parameters like location, weather and travel, which is constantly updated according to the needs of the individual. Nutrition is crucial for a sportsperson. A personalized nutritional plan is essential for peak performance. Our nutritional plans supply the athlete/sportsperson with a balanced diet while being flexible with the same.